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Greg Newman and his family in Norfolk, VA

Good to Hear was founded in 2019 because Greg Newman truly loves people and enjoys improving lives with hearing devices. He entered the hearing healthcare field in 2015 and has been creating memorable experiences with his patients since. Opening his own practice has enabled him to offer future patients a higher level of care.

Greg believes in trying to fill his patients' wishes with personalized hearing healthcare, lower cost hearing aids, and a generous and compassionate approach. With Good to Hear, he's able to change lives and give people in Virginia convenient options to have their hearing treated in the comfort of their own home.

Greg Newman, BC-HIS, CDP

Greg Newman, BC-HIS at Good to Hear in Norfolk, VA

Greg was inspired to enter the healthcare field by his wife who is a registered nurse. The impact she made in her patient’s lives provided the motivation for him to leave a similar mark in the hearing healthcare field. Leaving the finance field, he became licensed as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in 2015. He then became board certified in 2016 and continued his education by becoming certified as a dementia practitioner by the NCCDP in 2018. Providing care for others has been an enjoyable process for him.

"If finding what you love means not 'working a day in your life', then I stopped 'working' back in October 2015 when I entered the hearing health field," says Greg. "Always inspired by my beautiful wife who is a registered nurse of 10 years, I felt motivated to leave the finance field and enter the healthcare field. My immediate goal then was to do my best to make a difference in my patient’s lives similar to what my wife did in the hospital setting for several years."

"Since being in the hearing health field, I have learned much about my patient’s needs. I also learned that treating people with kindness while conducting business matters. My goal in creating Good to Hear LLC, is to make more of an impact in meeting the needs of my patients."

Why Good to Hear?

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Good to Hear is committed to the following standards:

Why Mobile Services?

Greg chose to make Good to Hear a mobile practice for a few different reasons, mostly because he believed it would allow him to give better, more personalized service to his patients. We do offer the chance to meet in an office environment if you prefer, but what makes us different from other practices is the convenience of our mobile setup.

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