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Good to Hear is an independent hearing aid distributor, which means we're able to offer hearing aids from multiple manufacturers. Our only focus is on taking good care of our patients and helping them hear better. When you buy hearing aids from Good to Hear, you can be confident that we're recommending what we genuinely believe will help you the best.

Our Favorite Brands

Signia Styletto and charger at Good to Hear

We are able to service hearing aids from multiple manufacturers. However, we do have particular hearing aid brands that we prefer based on the quality of their hearing instruments and how good their customer service is.

Right now, we fit many of our patients with Signia hearing aids. They build hearing devices with a very wide range of prices, and we like the technological advances they are working on. For example, some of their higher-end hearing aids will soon offer telecare, meaning we will be able to make adjustments to your hearing aids remotely. We also are pleased with the hearing aids that ReSound offers. In time, we will offer other manufacturers to further increase our options for our patients. As other hearing aid brand's offer new developments, we are able to change our focus based on what's best for our patients.

Hearing Aids on a Budget

Woman wearing hearing aid from Good to Hear

Because we don't have the expenses that come with a brick-and-mortar office, we're able to keep our costs low — so we can sell hearing aids at lower prices. If you're on a budget, we will work with you to find hearing aids that will work for you.

We now offer financing through Allwell with 0% interest options to help make hearing aid ownership a reality. Our hearing aids will be offered at a lower price point to give you more options to choose from, but all our hearing instruments are high quality. We won't fit patients with anything we don't believe in.

When you come to Good to Hear, we don't let your budget be the elephant in the room. We make sure we understand what you can afford, and we work within your budget. We do encourage patients to buy the best hearing aids they can, but not everyone needs a high-end hearing aid, and we'll never push you into buying something just because it's more expensive.

Hearing Aid Care

To get the most out of your hearing aids, you need to take good care of them. That means ongoing maintenance, including daily care at home as well as regular cleanings and servicing that we can offer.

Cleaning and taking care of hearing aids

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